Bringing Hope to Children in Crisis

No Longer a Slumdog demonstrates God’s tender mercy at its best! It’s a story of redemption, a celebration of lives transformed from despair to hope.

Be captivated by God’s powerful love as K.P. Yohannan leads you on a journey through the slums and villages of South Asia and into the hearts and lives of these precious children.

Hear from the Author: K. P. Yohannan

An Excerpt From the Book
Nibun’s Story

An illiterate man came with a strange request to our GFA Bridge of Hope leaders: Would they send the “medical doctor named Jesus” to help his sick wife? He was dead serious and quite desperate in his pleading.

Here is the story. In a GFA Bridge of Hope center in northeast India, a first grader named Nibun was not only getting a normal education in mathematics, reading and writing, but he was also learning about Jesus. He listened closely as his teachers talked about this man healing the sick, casting out demons and feeding the hungry…

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Reader Comments

I just read your book No Longer A Slumdog and my heart was broken for the children of Asia and their fight for life without God. I will pray for their freedom to receive God and find love and acceptance through Him and pray that others will join in to win the world for Christ.

-Rosemary W

I've wanted to sponsor a child through some organization for some time. I had a friend post a link on Facebook to receive the book, "No Longer a Slumdog". I ordered the book and now, here I am! Making a difference!!!

- Jennifer K

As I read "No Longer A Slumdog", I realized I can not turn my head and do nothing. Before I was ignorant to the truth of these tragic conditions, but now I pray daily and am so grateful for the blessings in my life.

- Tiffany C

I recently received and read "No Longer a Slumdog" and was inspired to sponsor a child to go to school and learn about the love of Christ. I now feel that I have my first daughter and being that I aspire to become a mother one day and be able to share God with my children, this opportunity feels heaven-sent.

- Lisa F

I ordered your free copy of "No Longer A Slumdog". It came and I waited to read it for some time. Tonight I read it. Almost the entire book. I could see my own two children (6 and 4) as I read. I just wept. My family will be part of the difference in these children's lives. We won’t wait anymore.

- Kirk L