Photo Gallery

Every Child is Deserving

They all should to know how much they are loved.

Not Just the Children

GFA World's child sponsorship program doesn't just impact the child—it impacts the whole family.

Waiting in Line to Wash

All the children learn about the importance of cleanliness.

Learning So Many Things

How to read and write is just part of what children learn through their sponsorship.

First-Generation Writers

These children may be the first in their families to be literate—and the first to know of Jesus’ love.

Perhaps Their Only Meal

They receive a good meal each day—for some, it may be the only food they get.

Representing Christ's Love

The teachers represent the love of Christ to the children.

Beginning in the Classroom

Education begins with the children in the classroom and impacts entire families.

Families Transformed

Entire families are transformed through a child's sponsorship.

Hope Shines in Her Eyes

This girl's life was totally changed through the child sponsorship program.

Love Opens Hearts

This teacher has been able to be a light and example of love for these children.

No Chance for an Education

Many children may never have the chance for an education, but GFA World is changing that.

They Might Go to Bed Hungry

A daily meal is not a guarantee for some children in Asia and Africa.

In Desperate Need

These children are hopeless without the knowledge of Jesus' love for them.

Without the Hope of Christ

This boy needs to know there is a God who loves him.

Jesus Changes Lives

These children have hope knowing that they have a God that loves them.

Every Child in Asia

Every child in Asia is special in God's eyes . . . but do they know of His love for them?

A Joyful Smile

She knows the God who is real and true, and who loves her.

Thousands of Lives Changed

This boy is one among thousands of children whose lives are being transformed.

Every Child is Loved by God

They must learn of their worth in God's eyes.

She Knows Nothing Else

Not even that Jesus loves her.